are adobe ripping off UK cusotmers?

If you read my earlier post, you’ll know I tend to think they are.

The software is great. I am happy to pay for it. I just don’t see why I should pay so much more for being British. My opinion of the reasons given: “Non Sequitur”.

El-reg are now highlighting this with respect to CS 3.

It’s just not cricket! 😦

A question for Steve Burnard on the 17th I think.

Update (09/04/2007):

Update (19/04/2007):

Aral Balkan recently wrote an article around this subject. It and its comments are worth a read. I’m hoping that Adobe will listen and act, rather than trot out a stream of excuses.


One Response to are adobe ripping off UK cusotmers?

  1. Dan says:

    Well, now that I’ve moved to Canada, it may be worth me setting up a business to sell Adobe software to Europe! I bet even if I pay the UK import duty it’ll still work out much cheaper!

    I can’t imagine there’s anything illegal in buying legitimate copies and paying the various import/export taxes and selling them onto European customers at a much cheaper price… but I bet Adobe wouldn’t be happy!

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